Marrakesh is a story of simple, healthy food made with love.

We serve our own family recipes passed down from generations. They are a passionate reminder of cherished family gatherings filled with laughter and happiness. 

The Mediterranean kitchen, rich in exotic color and flavor, has a truly magical feel. What may look like just spices to others, for us is art…art for the soul!

Marrakesh embraces our family’s tradition that, “you cannot go wrong with whatever you make with your hands and your heart.” 

So if you can’t get to the northern tip of Africa today, just come to see us and taste the love, 

Your friends at Marrakesh

Follow the spice route to health.

Known for their many health benefits, the North African spices used in our recipes like paprika, saffron and cumin provide vitamins and trace minerals that contain anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants.

Local to Atlanta with roots in the Mediterranean.

We live in Atlanta, but we’re from the Mediterranean. So think of us as neighbors who’ve brought our Mediterranean Grandmother’s recipes for all to enjoy.

A true Mediterranean market.

Family recipes handed down through the generations and spices imported from the region, make Marrakesh an authentic North African dining experience.